From one of the oldest Scotch Whisky distilleries comes a Single Malt reimagined. Bladnoch Distillery is over 200 year old where they craft the finest Lowland Single Malt Scotch Whisky.

Bladnoch’s rich history dates back to 1817, when John and Thomas McClelland were first granted a licence to distil Whisky on their Bladnoch farm in Scotland’s Lowlands. Since then, Bladnoch has used the purest ingredients for their whisky. The water is sourced from the Bladnoch river and the malt comes from British growers.

In 2017 Bladnoch celebrated its 203 year anniversary, making it one of the oldest and one of the largest privately owned Scotch Whisky distilleries.


Bladnoch 11yo

Type: Scotch Single Malt Whisky
Taste: Violet, apple and spicy oak.
Price: 899 SEK
Size: 70 cl
ABV: 46,7%
Enjoy: Well-chilled, just as it is, with ice or as a drink ingredient.

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