Pallini Limoncello

Pallini Limoncello

Limoncello from Pallini is no ordinary limoncello; it is a product of pure craft, made from hand-picked lemons from the breath-taking Amalfi Coast.

The Pallini family has been producing quality liqueurs since 1875 when Nicola Pallini founded her first shop and distillery. In 1992, the business relocated to the heart of Rome, where their strong reputation for their wonderful spirit was forged & nurtured.

Today, the younger generation of the Pallini family is dedicated to preserving the family tradition and its exquisite products, which boast fresh flavours from high-quality ingredients.

We might even dare to claim that this is the world’s best Limoncello – if what we hear from our wonderful visitors at consumer fairs is anything to go by!

In contrast to the lemons that you might have seen at the grocery store, the Pallini Family lemons are almost as big as American footballs, when harvested. The lemons at the heart of this superb Limoncello are wonderfully sweet and can be eaten, just as they are, peel and all!


Pallini Limoncello

Type: Liqueur
Taste: Fruity, sweet taste with clear character of lemon and hints of herbs.
Price: 129 SEK
Size: 35 cl
ABV: 26%
Enjoy: Well chilled, preferably over ice.

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