Two Stacks

Two Stacks

The founders of Two Stacks Irish Whiskey are Shane McCarthy, Donal McLynn and Liam Brogan. Three good friends who started the export company Ireland Craft Beverages. With great success, they have spread Irish drinking tradition and culinary craftsmanship around the world. In 2020, the friends started their own whiskey brand, Two Stacks Irish Whiskey. With great respect for traditional manufacturing methods together with a more modern and innovative blending, the brand has grown rapidly. Today, Two Stacks is present in over 25 countries and in +30 US states.

The name Two Stacks comes from the two tall chimneys that adorned the old distillery in Dundalk, located on the east coast of Ireland. The chimneys were so tall that they once served as a navigation point for sailors plying routes along the coast.

The history behind Two Stacks is full of stories from the past, but the founders of the brand also have a deep-rooted belief that Irish whiskey stands for diversity, creativity and personality.

Now the friends can add another market as Two Stacks Single Malt Double Barrel is launched at Systembolaget. This particular edition of single malt whiskey is brand new and Sweden is the first market IN THE WORLD to sell Double Barrel. If the Irish people themselves want to buy a bottle, they must, initially, visit a Systembolaget store in Sweden. People of Irland – you are always welcome.


Two Stacks

Type: Irish Whiskey
Nose: Salty caramel, honey, tropical fruit and a sherry sweetness in the background.
Taste: Honey, citrus, allspice, vanilla and a warm blanket of smoky notes that interact with the fruity notes of the distillate.
Price: 379 SEK
Size: 700 ml
ABV: 43%
Enjoy: Preferable as it is.

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